Pau - Market hall and city center renewal

  • Pau [Pyrénées-Atlantiques]
  • 2019
in progress
The Complexe de la République at night

The Complexe de la République at night

Aerial rendering

Aerial rendering

The market hall seen from the terrace

The market hall seen from the terrace

Reshaping an aging civic building and the obsolete market hall of the beautiful city of Pau

The capital city and sleeping beauty of the French Pyrénées takes a leap forward in urban design, with this winning project for teh re-development of its city center.

Over the years, the existing market hall has become a gloomy construction standing as a misfit in the city center of Pau, flanked by a short and unattractive so-called tower, known as the Complexe de la République. Among six final nominees, Ameller Dubois & Associés won the demanding competition which stired a lot of hopes and excitement in the region, since the renewal of this area has been a major political issue for the last two decades. As the Mayor of Pau, Mr Bayrou, put it when annoucing the unanimous choice by the jury : "The project was chosen for its beauty and functionality. Ameller & Dubois came up with brilliant solutions to a tricky urban situation. Their project has certainly gone beyond my most optimistic expectations. Pau city center is now back on the map where it deserves to be."

One of the solutions consists in visually dividing in two the single block of the existing office building, and topping it with an extra floor dedicated to a public viewpoint overlooking the surrounding eternally snowy peaks of the French Pyrénées. Iron cladding (far left) renews the aspect of the existing concrete building, while a new open air meeting point brings life back to its surroundings : an urban terrace is created between the market hall and the third floor of the office building, with two broad external stairs connectiong it to the street level.

As opposed to the agitated shapes of the existing market hall, a plain geometry and a thin metal cladding add a touch of quiet elegance to the whole complex.

City of Pau (France)

Ameller Dubois

Gruet Ingénierie


Ville de Pau
Pau [Pyrénées-Atlantiques]
2015 - 2019
16400 m²
32 M€HT
Philippe Ameller, Jacques Dubois. Assistés de Grégoire Seidel, Vincent Hubert, Manuela Ancau, Lotfi Amara, Jean-François Brecq, Emilie Marx.
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