Breathe in the air


ARCHITECTS • Philippe Ameller's rock band covers Pink Floyd's classic BREATHE at Le Flêche d'Or in Paris, in front of our 500 guests.

High fidelity projects


ARCHITECTURE • An interview with Jacques Dubois, on the pleasure of delivering a building that is faithfull to itself.

Letting The Project Speak For Itself


ARCHITECTURE • Philippe Ameller on the difficulty of talking about a project, and his will to let the projects speak for themselves.

Firts Competition Won


ARCHITECTURE • Philippe Ameller évoque la première commande publique obtenue en équipe avec Jacques Dubois, au début des années 1990 : une école maternelle de quatre classes, avec parking souterrain, à Asnières-sur-Seine (France).

The full 2013 concert


ARCHITECTS • One hour of pop rock covers by Philippe Ameller's seven-piece band : The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Who, Coldplay, Iggy Pop, Robert Johnson. Recorded by Taissa Arruda, filmed by Allinne & Castelot. As soon the video starts, click on the HD initials !

Our Yearly Party


ARCHITECTS • The 2012 issue of our yearly party. With a couple of brass bands entertaining "the in crowd". Jacques Dubois on trumpet.

Architects Brass Band : "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás"


ARCHITECTS • A Cuban boléro composed by Osvaldo Farrés and later covered by Nat King Cole. July 2010 : the Beaux-Arts brass band "Les 7 Mercenaires" ("The Magnificent Seven") blowing their horns at night on the premises of Ameller & Dubois studio. Jacques Dubois plays 1st trumpet.

Les 7 Mercenaires : "Bésame Mucho"


ARCHITECTS • The architects brass band Les 7 Mercenaires (The Magnificent Seven) right outside the Ameller & Dubois studio, playing "Besame Mucho" at our yearly party. The international standard was written and composed by Consuelo Velasquez (photo) after an aria by Enrique Granados.

Deconstructing a bloc in the heart of Paris


DOCUMENT • Le terme "déconstruction" désigne un mode de démolition particulièrement respectueux de l'environnement. La société SDS Démolition effectue la "déconstruction" de la ZAC Boucicaut où notre agence va construire pour la Ville de Paris un bâtiment à basse consommation d'énergie (BBC). Les engins travaillent sous brumisateurs, afin de minimiser la dispersion de poussières.

Archirock : Love In Vain • 2013


ARCHITECTS • Philippe Ameller covers Love In Vain, live at La Flèche d'Or, in front of our 500 guests. Left to right, the band memebers are : Olivier Caille, Philippe Legaret, Christophe Barbe on drums behind Philippe Ameller, Fabienne Le Pennec, Sylvie Nadal.



AMELLER & DUBOIS • Depicting and analyzing our projects

RADIO • Interesting brodcasts

MUSIC • Musical documents related to the life of our firm and our corporation

ARCHITECTURE SOUNDS • A bank of construction sounds and noises + urban and countryside audio sceneries

High fidelity projects


AMELLER & DUBOIS • Jacques Dubois on the pleasure of delivering a building that is faithfull to the original idea.

First Competition Won


AMELLER & DUBOIS • Philippe Ameller recalls how he teamed up with Jacques Dubois (French language).

The mysteries of aromas


RADIO : Written, produced and hosted by Ameller & Dubois PR manager and architect Frédéric Allinne, this weekly science program was broadcast by French national radio FRANCE INTER. Here is an excerpt about the scientific mysteries of flavors, scents and aromas. A tribute to the ISIPCA building (A stands for Aromas), which we were delivering at the very same time (the year 2000) in Versailles : a one-of-a-kind international college where perfume, cosmetics and food industry engineers are trained. (Warning : this radio program is in French).

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


MUSIC • LES 7 MERCENAIRES. Brass version by Jacques Dubois, Philippe Legaret (trumpets), Antoine Felletin, Christophe Péterel, Pierre Phily (trombones), Michel Freudiger, Philippe Gauthier (alto saxhorns), Pierre-Édouard Caloni (sousaphone), Christophe Barbe (drums). Recorded in 1987.

In The Mood


MUSIC • LES 7 MERCENAIRES. Jacques Dubois : 1st trumpet. Glenn Miller's standard by the famous Fanfare de l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Recorded in 1987.

Sixteen Tons


MUSIC • LES 7 MERCENAIRES : la fameuse fanfare des Beaux-Arts de Paris livre une version instrumentale de ce succès de 1955 signé Merle Travis.

With A little Help From My Friends


MUSIC • ARCHIROCK. Philippe Ameller's rock band covering Joe Cocker's cover of the Beatles ballad.

Sympathy For The Devil


MUSIC • ARCHIROCK. Philippe Ameller (lead vocal), Philippe Legaret (guitar), Christophe Barbe (drums), Jean-Philippe Godin (bass), Olivier Caille (keyboards), Sylvie Nadal and Fabienne Le Pennec (backing vocals and percussions). Live recording in Bagneux (France) in december 2010. Recorded and mixed by Frédéric Allinne.

Love in vain


MUSIC • ARCHIROCK. Philippe Ameller covers the blues standard written by Robert Johnson in 1937 and revisited by The Rolling Stones thirty years later. Recorded live in Bagneux (France) in December 2010. Guitar : Philippe Legaret, lead vocal : Philippe Ameller, bass : Jean-Philippe Godin, drums : Christophe Barbe, keyboards : Olivier Caille, backing vocals : Sylvie Nadal, Fabienne Le Pennec

Baby Girl


MUSIC • STUDIO PARADISE. Grégoire Seidel (guitar, vocals) has been an architect at Ameller & Dubois since 2009. STUDIO PARADISE is his five-piece electro-rock band. Recorded in 2010, "Baby Girl" was played live for audiences of Parisian night clubs such as le Bus Palladium and le New Morning.